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Cool Cream Milano Pvt. Ltd. (CCMPL) has enhanced the palate of India with a remarkable range of cuisines from all over the globe. From tantalising Thai to sinful Spanish, to the robust richness of the Malabar Coast, minimalist Japanese to spicy Chinese, fun and fast eats to exquisite patisserie and rich desserts.

Usually, the tone and theme of restaurants and bars are defined by the cultural mix of a city. It isn’t every day that this effect happens in reverse. Ever since its inception, the distinct identity and definitive quality standards of brands underCool Cream Milano Pvt. Ltd. (CCMPL) have influenced an entire generation – first in Chennai and now all over the world.

Originally founded by foodie, professor, restaurateur and entrepreneur M.Mahadevan, Cool Cream Milano Pvt. Ltd. (CCMPL) has grown as a robust brand with 150 + outlets globally. Our global cuisine brings the finest flavours of the world to our esteemed customers. Brands include  Sera Tapas Bar and Restaurant, Benjarong, Teppan, Ente Keralam, VaPho, Writer’s Cafe, China Town, Eastern Wedge, The Marina and more.

M. Mahadevan

Chennaites would most certainly know of Hot Breads or the fine dining restaurants like Ente Keralam, Benjarong, Teppan, etc…, but little less known is the architect of this ‘world on a plate’ M. Mahadevan. Mahadevan, ‘is the change’ that he wished for the culinary scene in Chennai. The stand alone restaurants are specific, artistic, hygienic & the food ‘unparalleled’. He eschewed the familiar cookie-cutter mentality of fast food chains and chose to open multiple brands of speciality restaurants. On the hindsight, the drive came from Arthur Hailey’s ‘Hotel’. This intense passion kicked off moonlighting as a Professor by day and as a trainee at a hotel by night.

In 1981, still teaching, he opened a Chinese takeaway ‘China Garden’ with an investment of Rs. 60,000/-, appropriately when Chinese Cuisine was a craze in the city. Today, he has operations across 18 countries and has a finger in the pie of more than 300 eateries across the globe. Mahadevan’s templates to be adhered to are diligence, quality control, hygiene & authenticity.

‘A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination & hard work.’ – Colin Powell

Tarun Mahadevan

Tarun Mahadevan, 22, now heads the Indian arm of operations under the parent, Cool Cream Milano. Having recently graduated from the University of Bath, Tarun holds a BSc. (Hons) in Business Administration.

During his tenure in the United Kingdom, he gained experience in financial services and business strategy. Tarun worked with an investment services company before switching over to the buy side and gaining exposure with a UK based mid-market private equity firm. After this, he decided to move back to India and focus on growing the family business.